Thursday, July 19, 2007

How my thoughts wander.

This is how fast my mind changes context. Actually I have been trying to install a tool, and realised that one of the help documents was in French, I had a colleague who hails from France to translate it for me.

I really appreciate his time, coz., it's definetly a lot of work sitting down and patiently translating it for me.

Here I am reading thru the doc, and trying out some stuff (It on a Virtual Linux box, I am running on my PC) and facing some issues, so I am googling out to figure it out, and here's how my thoughts go

--> ahh damn, I need to get this working, it's already been 3 weeks now.
--> Wow this Linux virtual box, is super cool
--> Ahh Darwin, was such a wizz at's been close to a year since I'v mailed him or spoken to him.
--> I shud write to him about this Linux box, telling him how it reminded me of him...and re-establish contacts, it'll be good to talk to him, also now that I hear he's engaged and all that.
--> I immediately login to gmail to compose an e-mail.
--> Next moment, I am smiling reading a reply sitting in my inbox, which I got from a friend, and typing out a reply.
--> Then I suddenly realise, how all I am wasting my time, and that I should get back to my tool and logout of gmail.
--> Close the window
--> Come back to my tool.
--> Realise I have to blog about it.
--> Open notepad, and start typing away.
--> Posting it here.

Weird, seriously, I know !

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Phone flavour.

Your phone rings
You pick up to see who's calling
You don't answer
You keep watching as the caller tries again and again
You still don't answer
You have a satisfaction, as though the wronged has been punished.
After a while, you look at your phone

You are quite & worried, wishing for the phone to ring again.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Vadas and the guilt that follow.

An evening at work, you are not actually hungry, but you think to yourself, ok, i'll just go and get myself some orbit, the mint will get me all fresh.

You go to the cafeteria, and decide to just walk around the counters to see wat they got ?

You see the fresh crispy vada's and automatically say ' 1 plate vada please'

You relish the hot, crispy vada with sambhar and chutney and top it off with coffee.

As you walk back to your desk, you are filled with guilt, thinking about the diet you just broke, but you begin to tell yourself, yet another time, from tommorow onwards...