Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Virgin girl.

It's been over a year since her son went to the US. She tells the broker to look out for suitable brides who have a valid F1 or H1B status.

A proposal has come up. The horoscope's match. The girl has been learning music from Rangachary thatha from age 6, background check done, fair complexion, her father retired with enough years of service in Indian bank. To top it all off, she has a valid h1b and lives and works in Virginia.

Now mom tells her son about the proposal and tells him to go meet her.

Son is happy and worried.

He calls up his friend in Virginia.

He: Hello.
Friend: Hey dude, what's up ?
He: Mom called, a proposal has come up, girl lives and works in Virginia.
Friend: Fantastic !
He: What fantastic...wait, I still haven't seen her.
Friend: Anyway, you were planning to come down here this weekend, probably you can meet her then, get to know each other,....wat say ?
He: Ermm..yeah, I could do that...but still...
Friend: But still what...? Come meet her, talk to her, if it works, just go get married dude! Man, am so exited for you.
He: hmmm..all that sounds ok, just that...ermm...
Friend: Come on!! Just that...what ??
He: Illa, mom said, she's been in the Virginia on her own for 4 years now...
Friend: Ok, soooo ?
He: just wondering if she'll be a virgin too.

A week later...
He meets her, and post-meeting, calls up his virginia friend.
He: Dude, I met her.
Friend: Ok, what happened ? Were you able to make of if she's still virgin ?
He: I don't know that, but she's lived alone for over a year, before that she said she's stayed with a friend.
Friend: Ok...and...
He: Besides, she's too forward with her thoughts, and way too independent.
Friend: Ohkay......and..
He: Dude, she's looking for a life partner, and am looking for a wife ! I am not entirely sure if it's gonna work between us.
Friend: hmm...watever, but you make the very term 'wife' sound like an insult.

3 months later...
He gets married to some naive girl who's lived all her life in Mylapore with her parents, is 20 years old, very fair, who's just passed out of college (B.Sc Home Science), cooks very well, knows stiching, finished computer course in CSC, is learning barathanatiyam, has done her arengetram and is still a virgin.