Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Naked Baba

Last Saturday as we were driving back from MG Road, there was heavy standstill traffic and I sat twitching and wondering why. It was only then, we observed that a group of people were walking in a procession of some sort and approaching us.

There were both men and women in the group, carrying flags. The colors in the flag looked similar to the ones on the Indian flag, just that amber was replaced with yellow.

In the middle of it, was a middle aged man, walking completely stark naked. He was chatting up with the person walking beside him who looked like his disciple of some sort.

They were followed by a police patrol too !

He was probably a baba, who had no interest in materialistic form of life ;)

But to come to think of it, I assumed, nudity in public in India was banned. But here there was someone walking naked and having a bunch of cops following him too. I wonder what his theory to preach would be.