Monday, May 26, 2008

Favourite country.

This happened back in school, when I was maybe in 2nd or 3rd class. Back then, I always wanted to give the best answer, immaterial of whatever the question might be.

Teacher: 'Ok, now I want each one of you to stand up and tell me which is your favourite country'
Boy1: 'Japan'
Boy2: 'America'
Girl1: 'London'
Teacher: 'London is not a country, England is'
Girl2: 'Singapore'
Me: 'Foreign'
Teacher: 'Foreign country is a term used to address a country which is not your own. Tell us which country is your favourite!'
Me: 'Foreign is my favourite country!' [Taking complete pride in the fact that mine was the coolest answer]

Later, teacher convinced me that foreign was not a country and sad, I became.