Thursday, December 4, 2008


A breakup or a divorce doesn't always have to be between a man and a woman. A break up also happens between friends. 

Sometimes, it turns out to be so difficult to get over the relationship, the friendship, the warmth, the love, the affection, that you once shared for each other. Sometimes, there's guilt, and then there's hate. 

The thoughts don't go away. It keeps haunting you, sometimes, the good memories surface and you smile, but eventually it makes you sad, thinking it had to turn out this way. The bad memories makes it all the more numb. It brings about this I don't care, I don't want to see anyone, I don't want to do anything, I don't want to talk to anyone attitude. 

You know very well, it's not the right feeling, that you have to get over it, move on, you know very well, you have a life to live and want to do exactly that. But somehow, invariably you do otherwise. 

You think, It's sad it had to turn out this way. You try to introspect. You wonder why ? Who was responsible ? Was it me or was it otherwise ? Nothing helps. The numbness comes back.

You come to learn, that the friend has moved on, and seems to be leading a peaceful, normal life, maybe even forgotten you completely. Now should this affect you ? Yes, it does. You wonder why ? Why ? 

It's going to be a good few years now. You have to move on. You think, time will heal, or atleast time will help reduce the pain. But how much more time ? 

The mire of inconsistent feelings and emotions, keep coming back. You try to fight it. You will. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Interesting Problem.

Two colleague's were sitting next to me and were working on launching an app, and they wanted to redirect the logs into a txt file, instead of printing them all on the console.

They were doing all the right things, and still it wasn't working right. They were at it for quite some time, and I was trying to do my bit to help. After a while, we ran out of options, and frustration was setting in.

I realised I had given up, and was getting defeated, when V uttered 'Hmm...Interesting Problem'. 

I was already bogged down with the issue, while he was enjoying tackling the problem. He got up and went away, saying, let's think it over.

Day got over, we went home.

This morning I went into work, thinking, I must do this and that and this and that. I went to my desk to realise that it had already been fixed. V had apparently found out that some buffer had to be flushed. He had applied the fix, and it was working now.

I truly admire these guys, who don't get bogged down with issue, but strive and solve them, no matter what. This might have been a relatively easy issue to tackle. But, the confidence, and his attitude to think about how to solve the problem, rather than getting bogged down with it.

I like that.