Monday, March 2, 2009

I met Kamal Hassan.

As I was getting off the shuttle in the airport, I noticed Kamal hassan get off before me. I can't 
explain in words the feeling that ran through me at that moment. I had never planned this, I never thought, I'd run up to him and speak to him, if I ever met him in person.

But yes, I sprang up, ran up to him, took his hand, shook it and told him, 'Sir, I am a very big fan of yours and am completely am in love with your work'. He smiled and said 'Thank you'.

Then the conversation went for a full five minutes, as I walked along with him uptil the baggage claim and mostly it went something like this,

Me: Sir, I have just taken up acting and am part of this acting workshop, and now I am able to understand the kind of belief system that you have to be in to be able to do what you do and what comes out on the screens.

Kamal Hassan: {smiling} I think, I come off as a reluctant actor.

Me: Oh no no, you are just being humble and modest. 

Kamal Hassan: That's what happens when you know more than you should. So where is this workshop ?  ?

Me: No sir, this is in .

Kamal Hassan: What's the name of the production company ?


Me: Amongst the many of your films I like, I want to mentions sir Anbe Shivam, I think came off as a brilliant movie. Every time I watch it, I mature and grow with it.

Kamal Hassan: {smiling} Thank you. So what do you do otherwise ?

Me: I am with in their software division. But, I wouldn't say I am very happy with my job. Am not even sure, if I should pursue something else that my heart desires. Actually I am in a confused state where, I am still searching for what is it that my heart desires.

Kamal Hassan: {Smiles}

By this time, we had reached the baggage claim area.

Me: Ok sir, sorry to have barged in and taken so much of time. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Kamal Hassan: {Smiling} Pleasure is mine.

Me: Thank you Sir. Bye.

He walked away to the exit, where 3, 4 people waited to receive him with a bouquet and all of them immediately dropped in quick succession to touch his feet. 

I just stood there watching, with my mind racing, what did I do, why did I even stop here, I should have walked with him to his car or whatever, is my baggage so important now ? Oh, I forgot to take a picture and then I realised my camera phone had already died on low battery and he was already disappearing in a distance.

The next 20 mins, I remained high, as if I were high on cocaine ! That instant rush, that energy, oh it was brilliant. The 1st of March 09, a day that will be remembered and cherished.