Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Which kind are you ?

There are different kinds of people. Largely, they fall into the following two categories.
1. One who listens to the heart.
2. One who listens to the mind.

and then there's a third kind, One who is confused between the two.

I have friends who are emotionally controlled and I have other friends who have no emotions, no wait..who have emotions but know how to control them and move on for all practical reasons.

Somehow, sometimes, I feel the latter are much better off and lead a happier life, coz., they don't end up getting hurt too often. Other times, I feel they aren't living their lives fully. They don't get to live the joys and sorrows of being a true friend, of being in love.

On the other hand, the emotional ones, live life, love, make merry, break down and get hurt when relationships go sour, take time to recover, but again continue to live life to the fullest.

Where do people strike an equal balance ?

I wonder.


  1. Good observation. :)
    The population is bound to have a normal distribution with majority finding the balance, although in different proportions.

  2. its ok to be emotional, as long as i am not ruled by emotions.

  3. @the visitor,
    Am not sure if it's a normal distribution, coz., I'v seen big variances :)

    Yeah, I think that's the difficult part. Some are conscious and are not ruled by emotions at the spur of the moment. There are others, who are unable to control emotions, who keep fighting with themselves.

  4. with themselves, and with others, no? :P

    happens with the best of us. long as we can look back and consciously make attempts towards redemtpion

  5. Nice blog. I loved many of the posts. You should blog more often.

  6. DB,

    Agree, it happens. Best we can do is look back and learn :)


    Thanks and welcome here :) Too many things happening, too many things to write about. Just need to sit down and write.