Friday, July 18, 2008

Adieu to a senior colleague.

A senior colleague bid adieu at work today as it was his last. He is just getting transferred to one of our offices in a different country.

I haven't personally had much of a chance to interact much with him, in fact to think about it, I don't think, I have spoken to him at all, maybe an occasional smile, that was about it.

I have read his blogs. I have seen him go about do his work, a knowledgeable man, should be (from the role that he held), a humble man, something about him, his actions, have brought me to like him.

And today being his last day, there was a small leavings gathering at the center of our office. Few simple words to say thanks from both sides.

Sometimes, there are some people, who talk less, who don't try to prove a point, who just go about doing their work, people just like him, there is that warmth, that good feeling when that person is around. A sense of confidence. There is respect. There is that something!

He is one person, who will definitely be missed !

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