Friday, August 15, 2008

IT Happened in India. - Kishore Biyani with Dipayan Baishya.

The book is all about retail, sales, entrepreneurship, business, understanding the customer, rewriting rules.

Kishore Biyani - The creator of Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Collections I, Home Town, Depot, etc, under the banner of The Future group.

The book has an interesting narrative of Kishore Biyani, himself and his close associates turns in talking about what and how it all happened. When the others are doing the narrative, it is more of praise and respect for the man 'Kishore Biyani'.

Kishore talks about his successes and his failures, his venture into Bollywood and how he failed at it miserably. Supposedly his movies also turned out to be a break for the then not-so-known Rakhi sawant and Himesh Reshammiya.

The book showcases how important it is to trust people and build relationships in. Another important aspect is the importance given to location for the stores and how they aquired large spaces early on to set up shop.

An interesting thing, I came across was that, usually companies, distribute sweets, announce bonuses for occasions like Diwali. kishore once decided to paint the houses of all the employees. The rationale behind was a freshly painted house, feed peace and happiness in the minds of the dwellers, and hence this move keep the employees minds fresh and happy before they came into work everyday, and also that this would create an impact amongst their friends and neighbours.

This book also comes off as targetting a few people to tell them 'see, I made it, inspite of all the discouragement, I got from all of you, I made it'. For some, it would come off as self promotion. It would definitely inspire a few. For some it would be just another book.

For me it was definitely an informative read about the world of retail, It did make an impact on my subconcious mind. It did say, go out and do stuff, don't worry about being ridiculed or being called a fool, atleast you tried.

The book priced at Rs.99 is money well spent. Definitely worth a read.

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