Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Project Manager.

I am part of this mailing list, of which my manager is part of too. There was an e-mail asking whoever had a device with a specific serial number to respond. I read it, checked the devices we had, and didn't respond because we didn't own the device with that particular serial number.

Now, 10 mins later, I see the same e-mail in my inbox again, this time around, forwarded by my project manager, asking me if we had the device with that serial number. I replied, No. 

Now, the point is, he sits right next to me !!, all he had to do was, turn around, and ask me if I had checked. But, he felt comfortable e-mailing me instead, sitting not even a foot away from me ?

Now, this leaves me thinking, does he have to re-confirm to himself that he is manager(who sits right next to me), by e-mailing me and asking ? rather than trusting me that I'd have responded if we had it in the first place ! or is it technology has him spoilt so much, that he'd rather write than talk.

Whatever, it annoys me, when managers take so much interest in following up with trivial things, rather than try to provide solutions and follow-up with things that really demand it.


  1. Hahaha, I have always maintained that PM's are jobless and its keeps getting proven time and again!!

  2. Funny comment. It always amazes me that everyone thinks that Project Management is about doing nothing. Well either we're really doing nothing or either there are lots of bad Project Managers out there.

    Anyways, this is a list of the responsibilities of the project manager for those who think that Project Managers are slackers.

  3. Thanks PM Hut for the valuable resource. No, I don't say it's an easy task. The PMs are the guys who bear the brunt whether good or bad. It is a responsible job.

    Somehow, the stigma is there that guys who are not technically good, but just can talk become PMs.

    Problem is for a technical guy, who knows that his PM doesn't understand the technical aspect of it (which is fine) but still talks as if he does (now, this is suicide) is something that makes him lose respect on his PM.

    Not generalising, but hey there are that lot whereever you go :)