Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunday Bath.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon. I thought instead of lazing around and getting a shower just before venturing out in the evening, let me go get a nice shower and feel fresh while at home and lazing around.

So, I was looking out for a particular shorts with nice soft linen, which is so comfy to wear and a particular tee, both of which I couldn't find.

I realised that it must be buried somewhere underneath in my pile of clothes in my cupboard. So I decided to clean it up, assort it and put it back as I do once every single time, I get frustrated like this, which is say once in 3 to 4 months.

Then I realised there were lot of junk clothes that I don't wear anymore, which I thought I'll move to the Godrej almirah in another room, say room 2. Now I go and open the Godrej almirah and observe there is too much of junk there ranging from old work documents (which I haven't once referred in the last 4 years atleast) and also a bunch of old magazines such as Readers Digest etc.

I decided this had to be cleared out and moved to the documents cupboard, so as to make space for the old clothes. Now the documents cupboard is in another room, say room 3.

I go and open the documents cupboard, and realise that it was also full and had a a bunch of gadgets and CDs, which I realised had to be moved to the computer table cupboard in the same room. Now the computer table cupboard was also flowing with too much junk and had to be cleaned up and space made for junk from documents cupboard.

So, ideally I had to start with the computer table's cupboard and make some space, to move CDs and gadgets in here from the documents cupboard, to make some space there, to be able to move all old docs and stuff from the godrej almirah, to make space there to move old clothes from my current wardrobe !

Phew ! Even the very thought burdened me. But nonetheless, I started thinking let's do one at a time. I started with 1 rack from the documents cupboard thinking, I'll finish only the documents cupboard off that day, and ended up cleaning up just one rack for the next 2 hours and left it unfinished too, coz, I got so tired and impatient and bugged !

Don't know when am going to go back next and work on it ! But then now I know, that I should never venture out for an early shower on Sunday !

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