Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Don't know what to call it.

There is someone, you think you don't care about.
But, he just keeps appearing in your thoughts, and the memories keep coming back.
You think of the sweet moments, other times, you just think of the bad times, when you'v felt hurt.

Now it's been so long, you don't even remember many of the things that happened. You're just left with the bitter taste that lingers.

But even now, you wonder...
Does he think of me, like the way I do ?
Does he remember the old times, like the way I do ?
Does he feel bad about the things that happened, like the way I do ?
Is he happy ?

You feel sad, when something unfortunate happes to him.
You don't feel happy either, when something fortunate happens to him.

Sometimes, You wonder if you are good ?
Sometimes, You declare you are bad.

Othertimes, you just continue to wonder.

Whatever do you call this feeling ?

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