Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Vadas and the guilt that follow.

An evening at work, you are not actually hungry, but you think to yourself, ok, i'll just go and get myself some orbit, the mint will get me all fresh.

You go to the cafeteria, and decide to just walk around the counters to see wat they got ?

You see the fresh crispy vada's and automatically say ' 1 plate vada please'

You relish the hot, crispy vada with sambhar and chutney and top it off with coffee.

As you walk back to your desk, you are filled with guilt, thinking about the diet you just broke, but you begin to tell yourself, yet another time, from tommorow onwards...


  1. haha..treu...:) simple post but a nice one.

  2. Sowmya,

    Thanks :)


    Actually speaking the diet is only in the thought, it invariably never happens :d