Thursday, December 6, 2007


This incident happened yesterday to somebody I know. Let's call him N.

N and his friend were on a two-wheeler on their way to lunch. They were stopped by a cop, for routine license & registration check. Once done with the routine, the cop as usual managed to find something to pick on and demand money.

N [handing out a 20 rupee note]: Sir, we only have this much.
Cop: What!! Only 20 rupees...hmm.. where are you guys going ?
N: To have lunch sir.
Cop: Whaat maa, you are saying you are going for eating lunch...with only 20 rupees..aa...
N: No sir, for that we have coupons.
Cop: What coupons...
N: Sir, Sodexo coupons, most hotels accept coupons these days.
Cop: Oh ish it ? Where you got it ? Show me..
N [pulling out the coupon book] : Sir, our company gives us, every month. This is practiced in most companies. It's like money, works in hotels and supermarkets only for food items.
Cop [Examining the Sodexo coupon and the various denominations, pulls out four 50 rupee coupons] : go.
N: Sir...
Cop: Go maa..go maa....we usually don't accept all these coupons...but, I am letting you guys go... [shameless smile and pockets the coupons]


  1. ho ho! so its sodex ho - pass, all the way :))

    i've been through numerous times when i have had to do it. sometimes, i have succumbed. on most other times though, i have stood my ground. we give them an opportunity to demand a bribe only when we ourselves have broken the rules, and have no option but to go thru the long arm of the law, or escape with a tip :)

    and - iwobm - thanks so much for the wonderful comments you always leave. i don't think i deserve it all, but well, your presence is is treasured !

  2. and since u tell me in one of your comments that you come looking for stuff - well, just wanted to tell u that i have posted, although a slightly incoherent one :)

  3. :) ...
    Real Chennai moment. beautifully captured.

  4. First time here..Its sad state of affairs as far as bribes are concerned.Sometime back I had a similar episode and I poured it out in my Blog too..Good you did..Please visit my blog if you have the time

  5. DB,

    Lol. I read through your experiences too. True, we actually give them a chance, most times.

    ..and I did read your post, man, some thank you post it is, I need to thank you for exposing so many wonderful bloggers out there.

    Thanks & welcome here :)

    Agree, yeah this is one nice space to share just about everything. Am coming...!

  6. Hm. What bothers me is, what if there were no coupons, and these guys had little over the lunch money: say, lunch money + 20 rupees. Cop would have taken it all, and have them go hungry?!

    Merciless cop! :((

    P.S: Happy New Year!

  7. Priya,

    Cops are sometimes like that. They probably think in their minds, if I am to keep thinking of society and others all the time, who's going to think of 'me'.

    Whatever, Happy New Year!

  8. Hilarious!! Irritating beggars those cops are :)