Saturday, October 25, 2008


I chanced upon watching this movie the other day on Zee Studio. 

It's like a fable made for everybody, across all ages. A beautiful piece of work with simple lessons for life. The message is simple, hardwork pays and that there is no other easy alternative.

There's humour, fantasy, fairy, blue whale, and loads of lessons learnt. A beautiful story of Pinnochio very simply narrated. It's apparently a film of Italian origin, I saw the dubbed version in English.

I particularly liked the character Leonardo and his vanities. Pinocchio himself is oh so adorable, and scenes where he meets his father in the stomach of the whale which swallows him, where he identifies himself as a tuna, are just way too cute. There's also this scene where he gets caught by a farmer who takes him to serve as a watchdog, and how he goes 'bow-wow' when his friend Leonardo comes to rescue him. How they both savour the 'tangerine' flavoured lolly-pop, everything, shows how gullible they are and where they land up finally. 

It's a brilliant film. Definitely worth watching.

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