Monday, October 27, 2008


An inspiration -> his interview.

The movie that made me sit back and take notice, was 'Khakka Khakka' ofcourse, both Surya and Gautham Vasudev Menon.

Nanda did make me take notice. I liked the film for it's raw nature and Surya's character in the movie. But it was Khakka Khakka that really made me take the actor and director seriously.

I have started liking him since then, but I am not that ardent a follower, who made it a point to watch each one of his films from then on. I did watch Ghajini, and totally didn't like it. I watched Jillendru oru kadhal and thought it passed of as ok.

Now, I am awaiting Varanam Ayiram, as it's the Gautham - Surya combination again. Expectations are high. But, I hope the movie doesn't get hyped too much, and turn out not to be what is portrayed. 

Surya, has definitely ignited the six pack dream in many minds.

phtoto credit: galatta.


  1. i LOVED kakka kakka. and i really liked the bad guy in the movie

  2. Yes, Jeevan. He made a fantastic debutant villan. I think it was the dialogues and the scenes that pulled it off, because most of it was soo real - life.