Thursday, July 19, 2007

How my thoughts wander.

This is how fast my mind changes context. Actually I have been trying to install a tool, and realised that one of the help documents was in French, I had a colleague who hails from France to translate it for me.

I really appreciate his time, coz., it's definetly a lot of work sitting down and patiently translating it for me.

Here I am reading thru the doc, and trying out some stuff (It on a Virtual Linux box, I am running on my PC) and facing some issues, so I am googling out to figure it out, and here's how my thoughts go

--> ahh damn, I need to get this working, it's already been 3 weeks now.
--> Wow this Linux virtual box, is super cool
--> Ahh Darwin, was such a wizz at's been close to a year since I'v mailed him or spoken to him.
--> I shud write to him about this Linux box, telling him how it reminded me of him...and re-establish contacts, it'll be good to talk to him, also now that I hear he's engaged and all that.
--> I immediately login to gmail to compose an e-mail.
--> Next moment, I am smiling reading a reply sitting in my inbox, which I got from a friend, and typing out a reply.
--> Then I suddenly realise, how all I am wasting my time, and that I should get back to my tool and logout of gmail.
--> Close the window
--> Come back to my tool.
--> Realise I have to blog about it.
--> Open notepad, and start typing away.
--> Posting it here.

Weird, seriously, I know !

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