Thursday, August 16, 2007

How many people...

...have the habit of wiping their hands under the seat after eating a piece of cake or sweets.

I just did.

It's normal practice that folk bring sweets when they are back from their hometown and cut cakes for somebody's birthday. A colleague just walked upto me and offered a piece of black forest cake, I took it with the help of my thumb and fore finger and tossed it into my mouth and relished it.

Now my hands were soiled, soiled as in not completely, but still you have that feeling in your fingers, automatically my hands went under my seat and voila...simple and easy. While I could have got up and walked up to the restroom at the other end of the floor.

Many a times people do it subconsciously, they don't even realise it. Today I did and will try to consciously remember not to do it again :)


  1. You know what? I have been picking up and cleaning after my guy friends for two yrs in college...but now that I'm at work I wipe my hands on a tissue or my dupatta and jus get back to work...I have a deep fear of ruining public property so I have never done anything like that...but I can't understand why ppl leave stuff like chewing gum on train seats,door handles or desks....

  2. True, I think it's just that people do it subconsciously.

    They don't even realize that it's not correct and they shouldn't be doing it.

    Some even if they do, they are just lazy to get up and walk over to the rest room and say what the heck, it's not home anyway kind of attitude.

  3. Does "under the seat" mean the seat of your pants, or your physical seat (chair)? If chair, that is a little disturbing! If seat of pants, that's more understandable. :)

  4. @Niniane,
    Welcome here! It's actually under the chair, I know, I consciously don't do it anymore.

    But hey, the seat of pants is even more disturbing actually :D

  5. You are a riot - "in wanting to be me". :-D LOL

  6. @the visitor,
    :) Am I ? There are worse :D