Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fear or common sense ?

It was 11:30 in the night. I decided to take a stroll and flex a bit.

As I was walking down a lane near home, which happened to have a deserted lake at the other end, (the approach closer to the lake gets deserted) I noticed a car parked towards the end of the lane, with the tail lights on. It was dark and I guess the car had tinted glasses, whatever, I couldn't make out people inside the car.

Maybe, it was just harmless lovers, or just somebody who'd pulled over to take a leak. I dismissed the thought and continued to walk. I got closer and closer and still the car remained 'as is', tail lights on, no movement, all quiet. I began to think, what if it was a bunch of bad guys, who'd get out and mug me or something.

That thought just kept growing and I was reminded of how my friend got mugged in a lonely road a few years back and all the blah, basically none of my thoughts were helping me walk ahead and cross that car and trot off.

I stopped for a moment weighing the situation and decided to turn around and walk in the other direction, leaving the mystery car behind me.

As I walked away, I was trying to figure out if what I did was out of fear or plain common sense ?


  1. either ways, it was a lot of imagination :) too much tv eh?

  2. DB,

    Dunno if that was too much imagination or tv or the incident that happened to my buddy a few months back in a similar situation..watever...

    Also there are too many wild stray dogs down there and it was extremely dark ! (psst...i wasn't scared)

    ..it's just common sense :)

  3. too many stray dogs is such a common thing here in india. and i love them all - they're mostly very friendly, specially with us bums :)

  4. and why haven't you written anything?

  5. lol, well at least the stray friends near where I live ain't that friendly, they've barked and chased a bit during my morning jogs. (psst: am no fitness freak, it's just the occasional bouts of exercise periods - as I call it)

    Yeah, I have to write. Actually, no reason for not writing, part lazyness, part no interesting content, part no internet connection at home.

  6. so wheres home? i thought u were in america?

    am curious how u've spelt lazyness - like from the move the pursuit of happyness :)
    the dogs barking and chasing - its their nature dude - they do what they're meant to do. and they like being roguish. just stop and stare back and they wil shut up and start wagging their tails. thats how it works with me.

  7. Actually both .It is fear that keeps us from doing foolish things.If we had no fear then we would do foolish things like jump from 4th floor or put our hands in fire and still we won't be having fear.Only when the fear goes beyond a certain level we say it is a problem.If u fear that if i put my hands in fire it will get burnt ,then that is normal.But fire is 2000 miles away and you are afraid to proceed 1 mile further then the fear is abnormal

  8. DB,
    Thanks for blogrolling me. I think you are my first :) Home is very much India. As for lazyness, prolly just lazy to spell it right, the truth is that it was an oversight ;) so no need to be curious. And that's exactly what I do when dogs bark, stop and stare and usually they stop, but they continue to bark once I start running again. :D

    Welcome here. I think that's an interesting explanation, made a lot of sense. Thanks :)