Friday, August 17, 2007


In my work campus, there are 3 speed breakers (really small fiber or rubber ones) from the entrance to the parking lot.

I usually don't slow down for the speed breakers, coz., they are extremely annoying, I just drive over in my usual speed maybe 50 or 60 kph.

Today as I did like I always do, a bunch of people walking that side(supposedly building admin), came running towards me. I was alarmed thinking I hit something.

So I got off and asked 'what happened' ?

The convo went something like this

Admin guy: [rude tone]"Is this the way you drive ? what happens if something had happened? This is not the national highway, this is company property !"

Me: [pissed from the way he spoke]"I understand that this is not a highway, but did anything happen in the first place ? Cut out the What if's and But if's !"

Admin guy: "Give me your id. card first"

Me: "Why ?"

Admin guy: [to the security standing next to him, managing to see my company name ]: "Note down his company name and send an e-mail"

It got over in a few seconds followed by a couple of dialoges in a rude tone. I know I won't get an e-mail, not that it'll matter a lot even if I did.

I realized I was driving fast for that place, I kinda like it to drive fast and make those quick turns. [ok, ok, I do realize this is not a racing track, but obviously just to make a few fast turns, you don't expect me to locate a racing track, pay an obscene amount of money and go make a few fast turns.Also, I know I am not racing material, just the occasional adrenaline rush, I suppose.]

But, the way in which those guys came running towards me, and the way that guy spoke to me asking for my id. et. all, I was just rude back to him. Didn't feel like apologizing or anything.

As I walked away, I felt a little bad. Why ?


  1. maybe it was a pang of remorse, thats why?

  2. But this is not a misdeed to be remorseful :( or is it ? I really don't know. What should've I done ?

  3. whether or not it is a misdeed, IWOBM, is subjective, as many such questions are.

    adrenalin rush is very understandable. have gone through it myself, only, i use a two wheeler. have had my share of fun, have paid for it - literally and figuratively :) i would restrict myself to highways though, and even that, in a country like india is dangerous, as most highways have been made by mercilessly cutting through villages.

    on a campus though, i personally wouldn't do it. for the sake of others, who might be walking, sauntering, quite content and not expecting a racing vehicle. if nothing happens, we might consider ourselves lucky.

    that said, i think the security/admin guys were rude, and you should take it up if you feel bad about it. that is no way to deal with people, but thats also quite typical of the high-and-mighty guys who call themselves 'admin' and think they're the protectors of the land :)

    i have to admit - i like you for your attitude - 'i don't know' :) it is the best and easiest way to learn. and escape, of course!

    take care, and smile now.

  4. :) Thanks Dharma.

    I did instantly realize that it was not right to be driving like that in campus and that it's not safe.

    I would have even apologized, but for the way he spoke.

    For the past couple of days I've been driving nice and peaceful and am liking it. :)

  5. you know, it took me quite a few years of furious riding to get bored of it and starts relishing the idea of being slow. there is a certain pleasure. and of course, you get to see a lot more of life, if you are in teh countryside. not to mention, the girls :)

  6. :) Ahh I miss that part of riding. I do my fare share of riding, driving apart.

    My riding / driving completely depends on my mood.

    Good, peppy mood, that'll be displayed in the way I ride / drive.

    Calm, peaceful, pleasant, that'll show in my driving too.

    I try not to look at the women,
    too much distraction you see :)

  7. I see that the security officer(s) are not new to you. LOL. I guess that they would just shrug their shoulders and walk away, muttering, "Oh, its that annoying person again". ;-) This is with respect to your next post on lifts.

  8. @the visitor,

    :) Thanks. Technically, I think they are two entirely different groups. Also, don't think they'll ever know, even if I did it :D

    ..and thanks for the mention in your blog.