Thursday, February 14, 2008

Evano Oruvan Moment.

My wife and I took a pre-paid auto from place A to place B. The government generated slip said Rs.140. However, the driver said it's 27 kms from here, so you have to pay 140 + 27 because the gas prices have gone up.

I say fine, then for some reason the auto guy doesn't want to go to location B. So he puts me on the next auto in line and explains to the new auto guy that I be dropped at B and that I will pay him Rs. 170. All agreed, happy and we move on.

As we get closer to location B...

Auto guy: "Is it here ? Should I turn left ?"
Me: "No, It's B, and we still have to go 1 kilometer to get to B."
Auto guy: "What's too far. This is only B"
Me: "See, the pre-paid slip. It clearly says B and it was agreed initially"
Auto guy: "They don't know anything, I thought it is B, but this is too far, you have to give 10 rupees more"
Me: {thoroughly pissed off, Not that I am stringent about the 10 bucks extra, but I hate this approach of majority of them auto drivers}"Nothing doing, what is agreed is agreed, no 10 rupees extra. Nothing."
Auto guy: {In a mumbling tone}"It's so far, give 10 rupees extra."

Within a few minutes, we reach B. I get off the auto, take our belongings and I hand over Rs. 170 and turn to walk away.

Auto guy: [In a raised tone]"Sir, give 10 rupees sir"
Me: [Turn around and in a raised but firm tone]"No 10 rupees extra nothing, we agreed on 170 initially and that's what you get" [and turn around and start walking away]
Auto guy: [In a mumble fading tone]: "thevdiya paiya {bastard}"

I turned around walked back towards him. I was in rage. I spoke some swear words and was on the edge, just about to get physical. For a moment, I gathered myself, realized that I was standing outside my apartment, my wife with me, the neighbours who might wake up in the wee hours, the scene that had already been created.

I just grabbed my wifes hand, turned around and walked away.

Come to think of it now, I could have averted the whole thing, by paying that 10 rupees extra. But, somehow, something in me wouldn't let me do that.

The practical me agrees 'throw the money, stay away from the unpleasant experience'. Then there's the logical me which feels 'No, that's not right. You can't let them take advantage of you'

I suppose this will never change. It's something we have to live with, come to terms with.


  1. I have faced this situation a lot of times...good post and very realistic.
    Reached yr blog while blog rolling...

  2. "See dhushtan keep distance"

    best way to live life! I think u did the right thing.

  3. Oh how many times have I faced this! and lost my cool each time...

  4. Sindhu,
    Welcome here. Yeah, I agree, it's a common thing.

    Best policy I say! Saves a lot of trouble for everybody. But the Dhushtan's take advantage of this fact.

    I would want to say, no use losing our cool, it's not worth it. But difficult though.

  5. i've never been able to figure out these guys. i mean, if they're cheating us, they ought to be getting richer by the day, but that isn't happening either.

    recently, i had to take an auto, and while i was at it, asked him if he'd like to have a drink. very impulsively. and then we had a long chat. its a funny life.

  6. Dharma,

    Problem is these guys rip us off by measly 10 bucks. Don't know what they gain.

    There are other kinds too. I have been in long conversations with some of them and have found it very interesting.

  7. Quite a long way you've traveled from the time you and your friend confronted the burly cyclist. :)

  8. V,

    True. :) Actually, there has been a big transformation in the process.

  9. exactly. measly 10 rupees it is. measly for is. apparently not, for them, else they wudn't be taking the trouble.

    and considering the void the 10 rupees costs to me, i hardly bother :)

  10. Dharma,

    True. Totally agree. It's only the approach that pisses me off. A more peaceful, friendly approach and I would gladly oblige.

    Anyway, I pay that extra these days to buy peace. :)

    There have been some funny incidents in the past too, should blog about 'em.

  11. "Evano Oruvan Moment" - clicked on the title immediately.

    Glad you didn't cave to the pressure and pay extra.

    Refreshing blog!


  12. Hi Priya,

    Thanks. I am a big fan of yours and have been following your blog over the last 2 years atleast.

    You write so well, that sometimes, I feel, I am right there with you and kamala :)