Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lunch Box.

I was talking to my friend who married his girlfriend of over a year, a month back.

Me: "So how's married life ?"
Him: "So far so good, it's going be a month tomorrow"
Me: "So are you able to get off home from work earlier these days ?"
Him: "No, not really. In fact, work is hectic, it's almost mid-night when I get home"
Me: "Hmmm, so are you carrying lunch these days ?"
Him: "Yes and something happened at lunch yesterday."
Me: "What happened ? "
Him: "I sat down to lunch, as usual with my team in the cafeteria and opened my lunch box."
Me: "Okay..."
Him: "...and there was rice"
Me: "Okay..."
Him: "There was only rice !"
Me: {Giggling by now} "You mean just plain white rice ?"
Him: "Yes...and stop laughing".
Me: {Controlling my laughter}"Ok, ok. Then what did you do ?"
Him: "What should I do? I borrowed some curd from a colleague, made butter milk and had it with my white rice"
Me: "Ha ha ha, seriously ? She probably forgot to pack the curry. "
Him: "No, she had forgotten to tell me. Apparently, she had only made the rice and packed it and had wanted to tell me to buy some curry to have with it'

I am just giggling imagining his expression, when he opened the lunch box and saw plain rice. He must have poked around to find something to eat it with. :D


  1. big deal. i'l tel u somethin even more ridiculous. i once did the exact same thing. and the victime was myself :)

  2. Dharma,
    Lol. That's cute. I wonder what you told people around you ;)