Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Being Brave.

I was 15 and my best buddy 16.

We were riding on his gear less scooter and taking a turn near my home, when one guy on a cycle looking elsewhere almost crashed into us.

He pointed his arm towards us and used swear words generously and cycled on.

We both were a little upset, coz., it was no fault of ours. My friend tells me "We mustn't let him go like this. We're two and he's one. Let's go teach him a lesson. Besides, we have to get used to situations like these. "

So we turn around and overtake him and signal him to stop. He stops. We also stop. Now both of us don't know what to do. Our hearts are racing.

Him: {Getting off his bicycle, a heavily built burly man with a menacing look on his face}: "What ?"
My Friend: {With a squeaking voice}"Errmmm, Nothing. We were riding properly only"
Him: {Getting annoyed now}"Ok, So ?"
My Friend: "ermm...nothing."
Him: "Ok get lost !"

And we turned around and rode back quietly.


  1. V,

    We ROFLOAO every single time, we reminisce about this incident.

  2. how sweet! :)

    i've tried being brave on similar occassions too. only, i could not stop. and i ended up getting thrashed solid. there is a certain kick to it...for in the process, i'd land a couple of punches too, and strategic ones at that :)

  3. Dharma,

    Lol. I know the kick.

    Been there, done that, a little later in life, though. Even though I'd be happy, that I managed to create some substantial damage to the opponent, it left me with a shitty feeling.

    Besides, I'v always felt responsible for my mates, and that leaves me with a kinda guilty feeling. ..and I don't like that.

  4. That sure was one funny incident!

    I don't remember from where I landed onto your blog but I find it nice and funny! So am adding it to my reader and will wait for more posts from you!

  5. Arun,

    Lol, yeah :) To think of it now, we'v come a long long way.

  6. heh! Damn funny. Good people are powerless against bullies ;D

  7. standbymind,

    Thanks. :) and Welcome here.

    Me good. :) Just have to sit and write. Will do so soon.

  8. "Just have to sit and write. Will do so soon."

    how soon is soon, mister? :)