Friday, February 1, 2008

I dropped my IPOD

Some time back, I dropped my new IPOD video 30 gig on the floor. On picking it up, it had a sad smiley with a frown and a link to the apple support center at the bottom.

Whatever, I tried to do, the sad smiley did stay.

Later, I googled 'I dropped my IPOD' and came across numerous solutions. Here's the top three.

Soln 1: [Last resort] Send it to the Apple store and get it fixed.
For which you have to pay exorbitantly.

Soln 2: [Only for the brave hearted] Open the IPOD and fix it yourself.
There was a picture-log of a step by step procedure of how you open your ipod and disconnect and reconnect the wires to your hard disk and supposedly folk who dropped their ipod got it working this way.

Soln 3: [Most widely used] Drop your IPOD again.
Initially I thought, this must be damn stupid. No way me am gonna drop my IPOD again. That's foolishness, I thought. Later, on coming across the large number of testimonials where people did just that, and it worked for them, I thought ok, why not.

So, I went, lifting my ipod up above the air and carefully dropping it on my laptop case. no effect and still looking at the sad smiley, I thought to myself, ok, so soln1 or soln2 it has to be.

Then, before I went to sleep with a heavy heart, I decided to do it one last time. This time, I lifted it to as high as my hand could reach and, THUD. Picked it up, blinked at it a few times, and pressed the play and the select button simultaneously only to notice the bright red apple !

YaY! it worked, it worked !


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  2. dude, i can only laugh. glad it worked though!

  3. this is what they say "mulla(thorn) mullalathan adukunam"

    luck was on ur side..

  4. barb,
    No spam here please.

    I did laugh too. You don't know how happy it made me. And I still awestruck that sometimes, being stupid works!

    Welcome here. and yeah, though, i don't believe in luck, sometimes, like these, I agree, I accept it is luck.

  5. :)
    You couldn't make it worse by trying soln 3, as it was already kaput.
    Psst.. a secret - in most electical and electronic appliances - there is a toggle switch inside, which flips/flops every time you drop it. ;)

  6. V,

    Whether, I made it worse or not, It worked and that's what matters to me :)

    And, interesting imagination about the toggle switch :D

  7. Hahaha! This 3rd solution sounded crazy enough but the fact that the damn solution actually worked is even crazier!!

  8. ~nm,

    True. That's what I thought, before trying it out and finding out that it worked. Anyway, who's complaining ;)

  9. This kind of situation can happen to anyone. IPod is so small and you can easily drop it anytime. I am just so glad that your iPod works again.